Bike Friendly City (FR)

Bike Friendly City
Bike Friendly City
Bike Friendly City
Bike Friendly City



9 towns and cycling related actors from 4 countries (FR, B, UK, NL) Their ambition is to develop comprehensive long term strategies to advance cycling, providing infrastructure and services to accommodate cyclists and promoting a culture of cycling in their communities.





This project is about promoting and facilitating the use of bicycles as a sustainable, healthy and friendly means of transport.





  • Facilitate bike use in the partner cities, by combining measures in a variety of interrelated policy disciplines, like transport, infrastructure design, city planning, public health, sports and leisure. Best practice policies, projects and solutions from partner cities and other relevant organizations have been shared.
  • Create new facilities and infrastructure to make tangible improvements in the cycling networks of the partner cities. In the beginning of the project, a comprehensive survey has been done by each partner city. Another survey will take place in the end of the project to evaluate the effects.
  • Development of methods and tools to create or increase public awareness of cycling as a sustainable and healthy urban transport option. The partners have jointly developed and implemented campaigns for the priority target groups in each city and a cross-border promotion/awareness raising programme.




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Contact: Isabelle Watier