Intermodal Public Transport Hub

Intermodal Public Transport Hub (FR)
Intermodal Public Transport Hub (FR)
Intermodal Public Transport Hub (FR)
Intermodal Public Transport Hub (FR)
Intermodal Public Transport Hub (FR)


Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France



Rivages Propres


Rivages propres is a social inclusion association. Their objective is to take on board people who have been unemployed for more than 2 years to develop specific skills, in order to help them find a job more easily after their experience at Rivage propre: one branch is about environment work (clean the beaches, etc) and the other one is about building renovation, stonework, etc.
The association has just created a new branch called “cycléco” dealing with skills needed for jobs related to sports: 8 people have been employed for the cycléco project. They maintain the bikes, rent the bikes, they will train people to cycle, take part in workshops, etc





In summer 2013 the first bike rental office opened in the town centre, next to a cycle track and electric bikes and bikes have been rented as a trial throughout the summer. The results of the summer trial are very good. (1045 rentals in 3 months).
Cycleco has taken part in several events this summer : the sea festival (in July 2013), the sport festival (September 2013) and the Liane banks new cycle/walk track launch and mobility week in September 2013.
Workshops are organized for diabetic people to encourage them to cycle (partnership with the hospital)


The Second Step:

  • Developing this service at the station, in order to develop an intermodal public transport hub from the station and create a cycle park there
  • purchase more ebikes
  • rent an office at the station for storage in the first place and rental later
  • develop bike rental for longer periods of time
  • develop rental for students, etc.
  • workshops with children/at schools





After a first year trial in the centre of Boulogne in order to encourage people to rent a bike or an e-bike and try it in the city, Rivages propres will open a second site next to the station. This will enable people arriving in Boulogne station to continue their journey either on a bike (or an e-bike), by bus or on foot. Rivages propres, Boulogne city and the Université d’Artois are working together in order to create a tool enabling people to organize their journey just using their smartphone. They will be able to book a bike or select which bus they can catch or download a map with the best pedestrian routes.





Boulogne-sur-Mer Développement Côte d'Opale


Contact: Isabelle Watier