The Freshbrains (NL)

The Freshbrains (NL)
The Freshbrains (NL)
The Freshbrains (NL)




West-Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands





Every day, more than 7.500 kilometres of European highways are blocked due to traffic jams resulting in CO2 emissions and are pollution.

The city network (Versterkt Stedelijk Netwerk Brabant (VSNB)) of the province of Northern Brabant several parties are working together to realise a better mobility between and within the cities.





  1. Strengthen the regional economic situation by good connectivity.
  2. Strengthen spatial structure of the city network ,its accessibility and mobility within the region.
  3. Develop new concepts, concrete suggestions and project ideas for sustainable regional mobility. The co-creation method is used, based on a collaboration between experienced professionals and “fresh” students.
  4. Improve the public awareness on “smart” mobility and new environmentally friendly, sustainable concepts.


The Freshbrain project will provide innovative concepts for sustainable mobility solutions.





Stichting NHTV Internationale Hogeschool Breda


Contact: Joost de Kruijf