Network West Midlands (UK)

Network West Midlands (UK)
Network West Midlands (UK)
Network West Midlands (UK)




West Midlands, England, UK





Network West Midlands (NWM) is the unified customer facing brand for all forms of sustainable travel across the conurbation, including the public transport network, walking, cycling and car sharing. The NWM brand identifier and icons appear on everything that the customer sees on the network - ticketing, passenger information publicity materials and all transport infrastructure and signage.

NWM is a partnership brand, developed by Centro, Districts and transport operators. A key output of the initiative has been the introduction of INTERCONNECT, an integrated public transport information and wayfinding system for Birmingham City Centre. It introduces a system to improve the experience of passengers and pedestrians using and navigating Birmingham city centre and its supporting public transport network.

This system-based approach to wayfinding and public transport information establishes key interchanges in the city centre and reveals the transport network in an intuitive way, integrating pedestrian wayfinding, transport and visitor information through on-street products (including wayfinding totems) as well as paper-based and digital channels (including interactive screens and mobile apps). In order to operate intuitively, the system is scalable and adaptable and utilises shared resources that can be accessed across multiple journey stages.





This award winning project is the first system in the UK to link pedestrian wayfinding with public transport information in such a sophisticated way. It will enable passengers/pedestrians to consider transport options on the basis of a whole journey rather than just the public transport element or the walk from the terminating point of a public transport journey.






Contant: Sandeep Shingadia