Nordhessen, Hessen, Germany





The guest ticket is a cooperation project between the different tourism destinations that are part of the region of Nordhessen. Guests that stay at any hotel in the region will receive a guest ticket offering entrance to cultural institutions, recreational facilities and a public transport ticket for the trains, trams, buses and rental bikes. By combining all services in one ticket the public transport will be strengthened – with regard to both communication and information.

This innovative model will support the integration of public transport services for guests and tourists. It is expected to have a major impact on rural tourism destination such as Nordhessen. Nothing comparable has ever been discussed or even been implemented in the federal state of Hessen. The ticket is free of charge for the guests and is being financed by a contribution-financed system. The attractive aspect for tourists is that the concept offers an all-inclusive-vacation in a region throughout all partner hotels and institutions. It is planned, that after the co-funded start of the project, the model will become a business model with no need for additional financial support.





The action will show how a tourist ticket can both contribute to the marketing and sales of public transport authorities and the improvement of public transport in rural areas in total.





Regionalmanagement Nordhessen

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