MOBI seminar 2015: Towards sustainable mobility and logistics

On 4 June, the NISTO Partner (VUB) presented the NISTO evaluation toolkit and the development process at the first MOBI seminar “Towards sustainable mobility and logistics” at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. About 100 guests from local and regional governments, mobility organisations, the industry and academic institutions were invited to present how academic research from the MOBI research centre can contribute to achieve more sustainable logistics and mobility.

The NISTO evaluation toolkit was presented during the second session. First of all, the development of the evaluation framework was discussed. This showed the participants how we selected the appropriate evaluation methods, criteria and indicators. Then the focus was on the usage of the toolkit, by showing case study examples from France (Cycléco) and Germany (MeineCardPlus). The target monitoring of policy success was explained by using the Dutch case study Bikeprint. It was also explained to participants how the NISTO toolkit will support the decision making process.