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NISTO-Project presented at several international congresses

NISTO-Project presented at several international congresses

The NISTO-partners attend various international conferences to familiarise the persons present with the topic and goals of the NISTO-project by networking in the course of the event, by distributing flyers or by placing some roll-up banners in the exhibition area.


The NISTO-Project was recently presented at several congresses all over Europe. For example, Communication Manager Sabine Michelfelder introduced the project at the Eco2Mobility-Event on 15th May in Breda (NL). The Eco2Mobility-Project, financed by the ‘2Seas’ cross border cooperation programme from INTERREG IVA brings together several partners from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It covers three main topics: Mobility and Social Inclusion, Mobility and Tourism as well as Mobility and Children. Hence, it was a great opportunity to present the NISTO-project to such an intellectually stimulating audience. ‘The audience was very interested and I was talking to a lot of persons in the break about NISTO and its next steps’, Sabine Michelfelder reported. During the event different aspects of mobility in relation to tourism were addressed. The NISTO-project was presented in the second half of the congress in the context of a workshop dealing with research and theory.


Another congress, which NISTO-project-partner visited, is the First European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans on 12th and 13th June in Gdansk-Sopot (Poland). Imre Keseru and Jeroen Bulckaen from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) introduced the NISTO-project at the so called Marketplace. “At this Pan-European event there were excellent opportunities for networking and transnational dissemination with the 140 participants of this conference”, they described their impression. Synergies between the evaluation and monitoring of sustainable urban mobility plans and the NISTO framework as well as future cooperation possibilities with other EU projects were discussed. One of the conclusions of the conference was that a balanced approach between qualitative and quantitative evidence is needed to give equal weight to the social, economic and environmental objectives. This is, in fact, one of the objectives of the NISTO project.


Further events at which NISTO will be presented are the BELIEF 2014-Conference in Oxford (GB) as well as the IPCO 2014 in Bonn (GER). The BELIEF 2014 is the 3rd International Conference on belief functions and will be held on 26th to 29th September 2014. University d’Artois (FR) will attend on behalf of the NISTO-project partners. Moreover, University d’Artois will be present at the 17th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO) 2014 and they will take some informative material with them. 


Additional congresses, at which some NISTO-partners have been present, are:

- 7th Cities for Mobility Congress on 1st to 3rd June 2014 in Stuttgart (GER). Sabine Michelfelder was present and placed some roll-up banners and gave away several flyers to make the international attendees familiar with the project

- HEUREKA on 2nd and 3rd April 2014 in Stuttgart (GER). Sabine Michelfelder networked a lot and discussed the NISTO-project with persons present.

- SINTROPHER final conference on 27th February 2014 in Brussels. Sabine Michelfelder was present and took some flyers as well as roll-up banners with her.

- BEPOMM Inspiration day on 25th February 2014 in Brussels (B). Mobiel 21 (BE) was present and gave away flyers.