22.10.2015 16:03 Leeftijd: 7 yrs

NISTO Goes International

Once more, the NISTO partners have taken the opportunity to promote the NISTO toolkit not only throughout Europe but also overseas.

Highlight of this promotion tour was the UrbanTec Brasil, were the NISTO-project was presented at this international conference about best planning strategies, management and funding models for smart, sustainable urban development. Sandeep Shingadia presented the NISTO partnership in Brazil and introduced the audience to the NISTO toolkit.

At the European Transport Conference in Frankfurt, Irina Weißbeck was present, presented the NISTO project to an audience and had several interesting talks at the NISTO-stand.

Moreover, NISTO was presented at the revowed 13th Hessian Mobility-Congress, held in Frankfurt, as well as on the "Local Traffic Days 2015", Kassel, Germany.